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(no subject)
Sometimes, just sometimes, it seems the world is going insane. I don't know who are my friends, and have I had any friends? I'm always at home and there is no point to go out. Will my life always be this way? When your life is changing and you're losing all things you've ever loved, what should you supposed to do with it? I guess you'll be right if to say "Look man...there's only you are going out of a mind. The world was, is and will be regular". Maybe you'll be right, but I'm in this World too and it has to take care of me. Or am I not right? 

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хорошо сказано! Чьи слова, кто автор, если не сеарет?

Спасибо конечно. На самом деле, просто мои мысли вслух.

да,стоило догадаться.

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